Scammers targeting the Shiba Inu Community? Ponzi schemes?

Tokens that burn Shiba?

Many of these tokens make false statements and exaggerated claims in order to get people to invest in them. Scam tokens are getting more creative. The owners of tokens like these are only looking to multiply their investment by 1000x. One of their tricks is to utilize separate wallets so that it appears as though others are buying in. A token called Scarecrow seems to be doing just that. They’ll spend their own money on these tokens as a way to advertise themselves. The idea is to spam the internet, some look for shillers to overhype their token with their fans.

The token owner says their token is more secured than SHIB.
Owner of the token hyping up his token.

Other scammers that target the community?

Let’s talk about Steven Cooper from Bigger Entertainment. Cooper who is known in the Shiba Inu community for burning tokens took to Twitter to announce that he sold all of his Shib tokens and calls it quits. Many in the community are calling him a scammer. Is there any merit to these claims? Let’s find out.

The person who wrote this message is on the right, his son on the left.
He was blocked by Cooper right after the message.
A christian invested in Steven Cooper. Cooper collected the money and disappeared.
A user asks Cooper?
A user answers sarcastically after Cooper claims he spent $20k on an app already



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